[rt-devel] splitting defaults from user configs

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Mon Nov 11 16:54:35 EST 2002

seph wrote:
> One of the things I always find annoying about upgrading RT is
> checking config.pm for changes. If config.pm moved to somewhere in
> lib, and become config.defaults.pm. Users would edit a separate
> config.pm that would override the defaults, and start off being
> empty. sort of like the bsd rc.conf system

I like.

"make upgrade" should also diff the old and new configs for the
user, so if there's any config.pm changes that might be needed,
they're obvious.

(Incidentally, seph, consider keeping your RT sources under
CVS control (or similar). You'll soon forget about the config.pm
update dance. :-)
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