[rt-devel] Localisation / a little question

Jan Okrouhly okrouhly at civ.zcu.cz
Fri Nov 29 04:51:37 EST 2002

On Fri, 29 Nov 2002, Autrijus Tang wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 02:17:26PM +0100, Stefan Seiz wrote:
> > If so, i'd need a brief HOW-TO.
> ... or help writing one? :-)
> > My understanding is, that i take lib/RT/I18N/de.po walk through it line by
> > line and translate msgid strings from english to msgstr in german.
> Correct.
> > What's the preferred method to get the de.po file (anon cvs?)?
> I use the point releases found at http://www.fsck.com/pub/rt/devel/.
> http://fsck.com/aegis/aegis.cgi?file@pre+lib/RT/I18N/de.po+project@rt.2.1
> is the web-accessible current version.
> > In order to get good translations it might be necesary to see how the
> > english text-snippets are USED in CONTEXT. is there an easy way to find out
> > in what context a particular text-peice is used in RT?
> Yes.  Before each msgid, there is typically a line like this:
>     #: html/Approvals/Elements/ShowDependency:46

Would it be possible, to divide some same msgid which are merged here?
I mean they are collected from more different places/files to one line in
here. Of course they are textually same in english, but USED in different
CONTEXT are of course translated in to different words.

> that shows the file and line number this string came from.  If it
> contains variables to be interpolated (%1, %2, etc.), there will be an
> additional line containing the variable names:
>     #. ($link->BaseObj->Id, $link->BaseObj->Subject)
> > Who do you talk to for general decissions as for example IF there is decided
> > to translate words like "Queue" or "Ticket" or not (i wouldn't do so, but
> > Queue for instance is already translated into some weird german word:
> > "Stapel" which means something like Stack)?
> This I have no idea.
> > How do i commit my addidtions/changes?
> Send to Jesse directly is the usual way, it seems.
> /Autrijus/

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