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Sat Apr 5 22:01:39 EST 2003

[forwarding this to rt-devel, where we can deal with it in public]

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Subject: Ok, comments about encoding. [houston, we've got a problem]

User sends e-mail in hebrew from MS-Outlook. (99% of the E-Mails are going 
to be like that, I guess):

1. RT gets the mail fine. No complaints are sent back.
2. RT sends back a greeting message. Unlike RT2, when it writes the 
   subject of the original message, I see hebrew, and not garbage. (great!)
3. I go into RT's web interface. All is cool. I see the message well (Like 
   I did in RT2.). And I see the subject in Hebrew, too. (Unlike I did in 
   RT2). That's good. Very good :-)
4. I reply to the message, again, with Hebrew.
5. The client recieves my mail formatted in UTF-8. He can read the Hebrew 
   all well. Cool!
6. The client then replies to my E-Mail, probably now with UTF-8 as the 
   encoding. [Here I should mention that by default, hebrew is used in 
   the world at the encoding named "windows-1255", or by the ISO code 
   name: iso-8859-8-i]. 
   The result: The subject line (which is part of the message in
   RT's correspondence log) is seen in Hebrew, great. However *the 
   contents* of the message looks like garbage. Unlike the garbage I saw 
   in the subject lines in RT2 [looks like greek], but garbage that looks 
   like Unicode stuff when being looked by some ordinary encoding, but the 
   encoding is still Unicode, because when it's not, the whole page is 
   rendered like a big pile of stuff that looks exactly like that.
   If he replies back with ENGLISH, I see the English well.

Ideas? :\


  Best regards,


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    also happens to be a mail reader."

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