[rt-devel] Atternative approach: Some HTML goodies (EditLinks)

Dirk Pape pape-rt at inf.fu-berlin.de
Tue Dec 2 05:38:55 EST 2003

Hallo Andrew and others

--Am Mittwoch, 26. November 2003 15:29 Uhr +0000 schrieb Andrew 
Stribblehill <a.d.stribblehill at durham.ac.uk>:

> * Allow the Relationships page of a ticket to create new tickets for
>   the dependencies show. You can make a new ticket which depends on
>   the present one just by clicking on '(new)' to the right of
>   'Depended on by', for example.

I have implementes another approach for this, which is a little more 
flexible by supporting three different types of dependency creations:

1. "Pretasks" are necessary prequisites for a ticket
2. "Posttasks" depend on the actual ticket


3. "Clones" are only related to a ticket, so you may use it to split a 
ticket into many.

screenshots are visible on 

My GUI hooks into every transaction, so tickets are not created from the 
dependencies page but from the history list, which makes it possible to 
"carry" a transaction's content into the new ticket.

I will pack this into patches of html-files soon and contribute them to the 

I would be happy if a feature like this would be taken into core RT.


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