[rt-devel] IP tracking in RTIR

Damian Gerow freebsd at coal.sentex.ca
Wed Dec 3 15:47:14 EST 2003

Thus spake Damian Gerow (freebsd at coal.sentex.ca) [03/12/03 13:38]:
> Instead, what I'd like to do, is generate links within the ticket body for
> IP addresses found, that can take me to my RADIUS log lookup page.  And
> include the date range around the time of the complaint only (so I'm not
> looking at a months worth of RADIUS logs).

Actually, what I'd *like* to do is have a menu pop up when you click on
certain links -- so we can do nslookup, RADIUS lookup, whois lookup,
traceroute, etc. right from the ticket body, instead of needing to
copy/paste into the 'Tools' page.

But last I checked, HTML doesn't let you do this.  Javascript probably will.

  - Damian

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