[rt-devel] Upgrading using rt2-to-rt2 v1.20

Daniel Foster daniel at 34SP.com
Mon Dec 8 11:46:27 EST 2003

> As I think perl/perl modules problem.
> I don't remember depedencies on perl modules of export tool, so you can 
> try grep code for 'use' and 'require' and update this modules.

Use or require lines would throw out an error at the start, as they did 
when I initially ran the tool (had to install Tie::IxHash)

> I don't have memory leaks during export/import or may be didn't mention 
> them.
> It's also may be RT problem I don't know realy. There is a few so HUGE 
> installations of RT2 in the community as I think.

The RT2 installation is working fine with this amount of tickets, just 
that it is time to migrate it to a more powerful server, and also 
presents a nice opportunity to upgrade to RT3.

Daniel Foster
Technical Director

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