[rt-devel] Warning about Log::Dispatch and unix dgram connect: Socket operation on non-socket...

AJ rt at musefoundry.com
Wed Dec 10 21:46:52 EST 2003

I started getting these errors when I recompiled mod_perl as a DSO outside
the Apache source tree on a Solaris 9 box running Perl 5.8.2 and
Turns out that Log::Dispatch defaults to inet as the default socket.  By
adding socket => 'unix'  after the stderr => 1 on line 234 in the RT.pm, the
errors went away.
I am still curious as to why this happened. With mod_perl compiled into
Apache running as a standalone, does this force the kind of system calls
that Log::Dispatch would otherwise use to be unix and not inet?  Or is this
a Solaris 9 thing?
Thanks in advance.
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