[rt-devel] About RTx::Report and DBIx::ReportBuilder

Senoner Samuel Samuel.Senoner at eurac.edu
Mon Dec 15 10:49:01 EST 2003

Do you have some news for us?
Or some pieces of beta software to test?
I have a request for a complicated report, but haven't got any details,
so I wanted to inform myself before I get the details.



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This is just a heads-up to say that, since my company's deal with a
client to produce a RT-based report generation tools will soon be
delivered in full, I will be able to release parts of it to the RT
community, under the Perl license and/or GPL.

Here are some screen shots:


Features of this system including:

- Access any SQL sources accessible from SearchBuilder,
  including mysql, Pg, SQLite, Oracle and ODBC.
- Make reports with text, table, graph, image and subreports.
- Wysiwyg design interface.
- Fine-grained permission settings based on RT's ACL/Groups system. 
- Supports all GD::Graph types.
- Supports all SearchBuilder operations (Limit, Join, OrderBy),
  as well as draw data directly from left-joined tables.
- User-definable variables, so you can customize outputs each time.
- Reports are saved in XML format, with import/export functions.
- Renders reports in XHTML, PDF, MSExcel and OpenOffice formats.
- Thoroughly internationalized.

Currently, RTx::Reports and DBIx::ReportBuilder both exist on CPAN
already, and other parts will be announced formally in due time.

The only missing piece of functionality that I'm still working on is
SearchBuilder->GroupBy, which will allow reports to use statistics
functions like Stddev() or Sum().

It is my wish that, once it has been made generally available, maybe
people can help putting some alternative UI together, such as an
interface compatible to the current Statistics3 pages.


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