[rt-devel] Question about reports

Senoner Samuel Samuel.Senoner at eurac.edu
Tue Dec 16 10:58:50 EST 2003

I want to make a report or a statistic on who creates most tickets. All my users have a commenet filed which begins with his role, for example student faculty of XXX, stuent faculty of YYY, professor faculty of XXX, Secretary faculty of XXX.
Now I want to know which group of users creates the most tickets. I searches in Tickets Overlay where I can limit results by Watchers, in special type the requestor.
I tried using a SQL gui to get an idea of the structure. When i make limitwatcher with the requestor, I use the requestors mail address, which is a field in the users table, so it should be the same to have a search by comments, and wildcards shouldn't be harder......
How can I start a limit search, or create one that filters the comment instead of the emailaddress, I tried to grep by emailaddress, but haven't find where it is coded......
Thanks for any help
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