[rt-devel] RT 3.0.8rc1

Senoner Samuel Samuel.Senoner at eurac.edu
Thu Dec 18 04:27:57 EST 2003

Here you get a list of the files which changed, you can also see the diffs.



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Jesse Vincent wrote:

>RT 3.0.8rc1 - Chock full of feature and bugfixy goodness.  
>Currently looking at RT 3.0.8 on the twenty-somethingth. 
>Project "rt.3", Branch 0						  Page 1
>Change Log						Wed Dec 17 14:14:00 2003
>rt.3.D000, C0, jesse, Thu Mar 13 20:43:23 2003, RT: Request Tracker, branch 3.0.
>    RT: Request Tracker, branch 3.0.
>    Change Delta  Brief Description
>     381    311	  Importing fixes from ourinternet
Could you possibly add some details as to which fixes were done on this.

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