[rt-devel] Components of tickets

John Schubert jschubert at linearcorp.com
Thu Dec 18 05:00:13 EST 2003

I've tried poking through the Ticket htm/mod_perl files, using cat as
well as grep'ing for keywords, however I think I can save some time by
asking here:

Where are the individual components for the display of a ticket
located?  I've looked through /path/rt3/share/html  Elements, Tickets,

I'm trying to hack mine to include some intelligence in the display of
elements.  For example, we used "Custom Fields" to label product
groups.  Obviously not every group is in every ticket, so I'm going to
include != (no value) so that undefined values don't clutter up the
display of the ticket (we have about 7 product groups).  Also, I'm going
to do the same with the "Dates".  "Not Set" doesn't help me, so I'd like
it to just skip fields "not set", undefined or further void of value.

If anyone is interested I'll post my changes, but it should be just
simple if $whatever != undef  yada yada yada.


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