[rt-devel] SpeedyCGI support

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Wed Jan 1 12:53:59 EST 2003


I started with the Mason handler and changed 3 lines, as follows:

1. replaced the #! line to refer to /usr/bin/speedy

2. replaced "use CGI::Fast" with "use CGI"

3. replaced "while ($RT::Mason::cgi = new CGI::Fast) {"
   with "{$RT::Mason::cgi = new CGI;"

This seems to result in a working SpeedyCGI script. What should I
do to test that this really is correct? (e.g., I mean to test
whether certain things really are stored persistently the way it
should be, etc.; functionalitywise this looks ok)

Best regards,

Ambrose Li  <a.c.li at ieee.org>
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