[rt-devel] Re: RT 2.1.56 (wrong charset)

Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 4 17:35:43 EST 2003


That means that RT sends incorrect character set information
(if it sends it at all). 

In your browser, choose the encoding "Unicode" and you must see it well. 

To the developer guys: this involves several things:

First is that the charset information should be 
sent in HTTP header, and the second that the charset depends 
on Perl version. 

Due to default_escape_flags => 'h', 
Mason uses HTML::Entities, which acts differently depending on the 
perl version:

Thus, there must be a line like this:

  $charset = $] > 5.007 ? 'UTF-8' : 'ISO-8859-1';

and a line like this: 
  $r->header_out( 'Charset', $charset );

I suppose the proper place for these is in html/Elements/Header. 

And the final thing is, that perhaps default_escape_flags => 'h' 
is not the correct way of handling non-ascii characters, especially 
for such languages as Russian. 
I suppose it's better to suppress Mason's escaping, and 
manage it internally. 


--- Stefan Fischer <info at debian.homeunix.net> wrote:
> All the past development snapshots don't like german umlaut's. I get this:
>  " Über die Zeit steigt die Priorität bis:  " (Over time, priority
> moves toward) and it should be "Über die Zeit steigt die Priorität bis:".
> Wehre i go wrong here?

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