[rt-devel] Feature Requests

Warnke Andreas Andreas.Warnke at 3SOFT.de
Wed Jan 8 11:59:34 EST 2003


On my current RT2 project, there are some feature requests version 3
will solve. 
At others, I'm not quite sure - but maybe you are interested in what
someone might find useful?

A) Split of ModifyTicket into ModifyTicket, AssessTicket and

The Person who creates and modifies the ticket contents might not have
the right to change Priorities, Status and Owner of a Ticket. 
In my project, another right is mandatory since multiple companies are
working on the same RT database and some companies are only allowed to
modify special keywords (namely keywordselects whose names are ending on
the '-' character).
There is still some trouble because ists not yet clear which
ticket-attributes shall be writeable by CreateTicket.

B) csv Export of search results

A link on the Search.html page should generate a comma separated values
file containing the ticket data of all tickets in the result-set.

C) Explicit Search for dead Tickets

If the search criteria includes 'Status=dead' - the dead-Ticket-Filter
should be disabled.

D) Queuespecific but globally defined KeywordSelects

The following requirement was quite troubling to me: 
When moving Tickets from one queue to another, they should keep their
Keywords (-> So I use global Keywords) - but on the other hand there are
some queues (like the FAQ queue) that need only a subset of the global
keywords. (-> So I don't display all global keywords in some queues)

I'll work at these features and keep you informed when i solved the one
or the other.


Andreas Warnke
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