[rt-devel] RT SOAP and Java interface

Sebastian Cramer sc at graf-schabernack.de
Fri Jul 11 07:50:54 EDT 2003

Two questions:

I'd like to build a Java interface for RT3 (since I could use it in a 
small project). I'm looking into interfacing for quite a while now and 
the only feasable way seems to be the rt-soap server.
I'm having the problem that I can't find a WSDL file for the interface 
and my Perl knowledge is too small to deduce it from the source. A 
couple of weeks ago I saw a short thread regarding just this WSDL file; 
but I missed what happend to it.
Any help regarding the WSDL or any other way to interface would be 
greatly appreciated. :-)

Our client has granted us the right to release the Java interface 
classes resulting form this project to open source. Two (sub-) 
questions: a) Is the RT comunity interested in such classes? b) What 
licence would be preferred (I would suggest LGPL)?



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