[rt-devel] RT SOAP and Java interface

Sebastian Cramer sc at graf-schabernack.de
Fri Jul 11 12:36:39 EDT 2003

darren chamberlain wrote:

>>I'd like to build a Java interface for RT3 (since I could use it in a 
>>small project). I'm looking into interfacing for quite a while now and 
>>the only feasable way seems to be the rt-soap server.
>You might also want to take a look at the CLI (when it appear) -- it
>will use a simple REST-based interface that should be much more
>lightweight than the SOAP interface, and also probably better
>intergrated (especially at first).
Is the CLI available in alpha/beta somewhere? I would like to take a 
little look. Even though I think SOAP would be nicer since it would add 
the possibility of accessing RT over a network connection...

>>Our client has granted us the right to release the Java interface
>>classes resulting form this project to open source. Two (sub-)
>>questions: a) Is the RT comunity interested in such classes? b) What
>>licence would be preferred (I would suggest LGPL)?
>So, I think that a Java-based interface to RT would be grand, even
>though I would probably never have the need to use it.  One of the
>interesting things about this project would be that the SOAP interface
>(if that was what you started using) would most likely also be
>improved, in order to fully implement the Java interface.
I will investigate a little more into Perl. Perhaps I can work a little 
bit on rt-soap-server (and the WSDL) but I'm afraid I might not be too 
much help...


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