[rt-devel] Linear priority escalation

Senoner Samuel Samuel.Senoner at eurac.edu
Wed Jul 16 12:41:07 EDT 2003

Did you also saw that there is a problem with RT::Action::SendEmail ?
Sorry, not correct, SendEmail does not work if you use rt-crontool,
because rt-crontool does not pass (or get) the transactionobj.
In my opinion it is the cause for getting an unexpected end of
I also tried the LightWeightSendMail, the mail was send, but without
Do someone has a solution?
I saw that Stanislav is one of the best contributor of patchs and
improvements, are his patchs going to be integrated in the next releases
of RT?


Samuel Senoner

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Subject: [rt-devel] Linear priority escalation


The priority escalation module in RT3 distribution
(RT::Action::EscalatePriority) uses the escalation formula
  Priority = Priority +  (( FinalPriority - Priority ) / (
DueDate-Today)) which is not linear and not suitable for short due

In our case, the final priority is 10, and the due date is 2 days. We
want the priority to escalate linearly from 0 to 10 every few hours
during these two days. 

See the new module (attached), which uses the formula
  Priority = FinalPriority * (Now-Starts) / (DueDate-Starts)


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