[rt-devel] 3 Bugs or Features

Daniel Israel daniel at cfd.ame.arizona.edu
Wed Jul 16 18:35:09 EDT 2003

> From: Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com>
> On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 01:48:35PM -0700, Daniel Israel wrote:
> > 1) On the Home screen, if I click on the name of a queue I get a nasty
> >    perl error.
> _What_ nasty perl error? Was it complaining about Storable.xs? Are you
> running RedHat 9?

Yes.  Sorry, I guess this is a known bug, somehow I missed it when
browsing the list.

> > 2) Non-privileged users don't show up in user searches.  In fact, the
> >    only way to find a non-privileged user is to find the Requestor link
> >    in one of his tickets.
> Do they not show up when your search on username or email at
> /Admin/Users/ ? It seems to work for me.

Admin?  I am logged in as "root" and go to /Configuration/Users and it
lists Privileged users.  If I try the "find" feature to locate someone
that has an account which was automatically created by an e-mail, (i.e.,
"Email" "contains" <name> search) it doesn't find them.  (In fact, it
doesn't find anyone, including privileged users who match.  But
privileged users I can get to, because they are listed already.)

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