[rt-devel] RTFM - Search/Insert article not working ?

Paulo Pinto japh at cat.afraid.org
Sat Jul 26 18:28:17 EDT 2003

Hello all.

First of all, the "scenario":

- RT-3.0.5pre1 + rtfm-2-0RC2
- Database was converted from rt-2.0.15 with the lastest version of RT2-to-RT3 migration "tool".


- "Reset" a user's password (as root, obviously). No error message on screen, no clue of what's going wrong. The password doesn't change. Period.

- Insert an article on a ticket. On the "ticket reply" screen, I can search for an article. Pressing the "GO" button in front of the article I want added doesn't seem to take any effect (besides clearing the search fields). For the record, I've done it as root, so RT permissions doesn't seem to be the problem.

P.S. - Although the fact Portugal's "neighbour" is Spain, it doesn't mean that we share the same language. If you set your browser's language to Portuguese (Portugal), you'll get ... a spanish version of RT. It "should" be, at least, the PT-BR version of it (it's not clear portuguese, but it IS portuguese :D ). 
Besides that, I'm willing to do the PT-PT translation of RT ... if someone hasn't do that yet.


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