[rt-devel] generating reports via RT?

J Schdy schdy2 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 29 13:37:42 EDT 2003

(I've already posted this to rt-users, but that list seems to be dominated 
by installation and dependency issues and we've already gotten beyond that 
stage (we're using Mandrake 9.1, I can post specific instructions if there's 

We've just started using RT3 and would like to generate "end of day" reports 
for management.

I've poked around the rt schema and see that it would certainly be possible 
to do it simply using Perl with DBI, but I was wondering if there was a way 
to do such a thing within (or with some help from) RT.

I'm thinking along the following lines: have cron call rt-crontool to call a 
custom action (using a custom template) which would create the report. I'm 
not sure if this would work however, some things are still unclear to me:

* it looks like a template is based on a single ticket where we would want 
more of a summary, i.e. a table of tickets with the description, status and 
time worked for each, sorted by owner. Is this type of template possible?

* exactly how to create the custom action - it seems that writing a custom 
action via the web interface is done as part of creating a new scrip - can a 
user-defined scrip be called via rt-crontool?

* Or should we forget about scrips altogether and look at creating a custom 
pm using the actions that already exist in the rt3/lib/Action folder as 

Any and all tips or comments appreciated...

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