[rt-devel] rt SOAP server

Michael Lausch mla+ml.rt-devel at lausch.at
Sat Jun 28 11:24:19 EDT 2003

I finally got time to do a little bit of SOAP development for RT.
I started using Jesse's SOAP server example and managed to get it
working using SOAP::Lite on the client side. 

I have one question though:
i started to make WSDL files, so that a test client in C# (well M$ .NET
architecture *is* the ultimate test client) can be written easily. But
in this step i discovered that the server is designed to get all ticket
creation parameters as one hash array, but i'd like to define some XML
schemas (e.g. Ticket) so that i can pass a structure on the client side.
so the 'createTicket' function now gets something like this as an input
         Queue => 'general'
         Requestor => 'mla at lausch.at'
and @_[1] could be any other parameter.
are  there any objections to define Schemas in the WSDL file which
describe entitys such like 'Ticket', 'CustomField' and  to rewrite the
server functions to accept structs instead of one big array?


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