[rt-devel] possible bug in Ticket_Overlay.pm?

Martijn Feleus feleus at math.leidenuniv.nl
Wed Mar 12 05:59:56 EST 2003


a while back I noticed some strange behaviour while trying to get RT3 beta2 to
work on our system. Because what I now know to have been a corrupted db I
couldn't create new tickets, which triggered the
unless ($create_groups_ret) 

clause in Ticket_Overlay.pm. This contains, by default, a statement

which resulted in an error showing up on my display (sorry,
can't reproduce it). It said, in essence, that it couldn't execute 

I searched for Rollback in the RT3 source and found only this one instance of
all the other calls to Rollback in the source are in the form

When I changed the $self to $RT::Handle I got no more error messages.

Could this be a typo or is this indeed intentional?

Martijn Feleus
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