[rt-devel] Hiding users in ticket search

seph seph at directionless.org
Sat May 17 10:00:44 EDT 2003

Vadim Belman <voland at lflat.org> writes:

> 	I have found a proper way of fixing this situation by
> restricting the drop-down list to only those users who has 'OwnTicket'
> right in queues accessible for CurrentUser. It works perfectly
> o.k. from the point of view of ultimate result: only valid accounts
> are displayed.
> 	But the code is way too slow be considered acceptable: it
> takes 10-18 seconds to build the final list from approx. 30 queues and
> 80 users! Who would ever want waiting so long every time a ticket
> search requested? Heh...

you could also just replace it with a text input field. Not quite as
convient as a drop down, but faster.


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