[rt-devel] Severe Memory Leak

darren chamberlain darren at boston.com
Mon Sep 29 09:05:33 EDT 2003

* Simon Talbot <simont at nse.co.uk> [2003-09-29 07:36]:
> Secondly, is there a limit to the size of attachments that RT allows
> in a ticket, it seems that on our systems, small attachments are fine,
> but larger attachments (2MB ish) just get ignored ? Is this a soft
> limit -- I can't seem to find reference to it anywhere ? 

Are you referring to the $MaxAttachmentSize variable?

In etc/RT_Config.pm, I see:

  # $MaxAttachmentSize sets the maximum size (in bytes) of attachments stored
  # in the database.

  # For mysql and oracle, we set this size at 10 megabytes.
  # If you're running a postgres version earlier than 7.1, you will need
  # to drop this to 8192. (8k)

  Set($MaxAttachmentSize , 10000000);

Try fiddling with that (after checking for database-imposed limits, as
someone else suggested).


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