[rt-devel] Truncated mail attachments

Iain Price iain.price at post.serco.com
Tue Sep 30 11:30:38 EDT 2003

Jesse Vincent wrote:

>>1.99_05-3 (redhat package name), which i think is a modperl 2?  bit out 
>>of it on this one but the more i delve into this i was already coming to 
>>this conclusion... the args that RT gets are already too small so the 
>>truncation is in mason or earlier :P
>Right. That's an ancient snapshot of a moving target.  I'd recommend
>that as the first thing to fix.

Ok, i stuck an axe in it and put apache 2.0.47 on there with modperl 
1.99_10 which is the latest, seem to have the same problems still.... 
since i'm gutting things i'll try an apache 1.3 setup on here


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