[rt-devel] How to add custom field

Kuldeep Singh Tomar tomar at vcustomer.com
Thu Apr 1 10:46:55 EST 2004

>>>Or just use the 'ExtractCustomFieldValues' scrip:
>>>(But no auth, and only changes 'custom' fields, i.e. not 'status' etc.)


Sorry was away from office, so could not reply on list. I found this 
method to be easier than others but it did not work. I have installed 
this scrip and in my template put the text:

Location | "Body" | Delhi |

where Location is my custom field with having 2 options "Delhi or Pune" 
and I want to extract text from Body with value "Delhi" or "Pune"

according to example in example template:

# cf-name | Headername or "Body" | MatchString(re) | Postcmd

But it does not seem to be working. Any suggestion would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.


Matthew D. Stock wrote:

>Paul Barmaksezian writes:
> > I think this may solve another issue I posted (about resolving tickets
> > via email).  I applied the patch, but not sure if it's working.  Where
> > exactly do I specify something like "X-status: resolved"?  Is that in
> > the body of the email or in the Subject or somewhere else?
>They're headers, and so you need them to be in the header block along with
>other headers like Subject and Date and so forth.  Adding headers may be
>difficult to do in some mail readers.  It's possible to do the parsing from
>the body, but it would make the code a lot more complex.  Given my
>target audience, I didn't think it was worth the bother.
>  -Matt

Kuldeep Singh Tomar
Open Source Specialist

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