[Rt-devel] [wiki] Anchors and get rid from index.cgi in URL and glitches.

Ruslan U. Zakirov cubic at acronis.ru
Fri Apr 23 04:45:58 EDT 2004


Please, help me manage wiki and use it in ML answers more effectively.
1) I wish you allow next URLs:
I think it can be done easy with mod_rewrite.
It'll help us insert direct links to documents and also this links could 
be actual if path would be changed like it was after software update.

2) I wish '==...==' markup generate anchor in HTML.
For example: == Group rights ==
generate: <a href="#Group_rights" /><h2>Group rights</h2></>

It'll help us point to conrete sub part. FAQ's growing.

perl.apache.org docs nice example of using anchors.
Pay attention how big page is.

Nice URLs are rulezzz. I hope you could satisfy this wishes.

[GLITCHES] And I still get sometimes error on updates, but after it page 
is changed. I sent report about it. It happens for eg on HowTos page. 
Also for this page revisions not incrementing if I update it.

				Best regards. Ruslan.

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