[Rt-devel] modperl2: Scope problem?

Paulo Matos pjsm at fct.unl.pt
Mon Apr 26 04:57:47 EDT 2004


Does someone know of any scope problems with moperl2?

A testcase would be the patch I submitted at:

If I assign a constant value inside LoadOrCreateByEmail(), let's say, 
something like:

my $email='Joe Doe <joedoe at domain.com>';
Everything goes fine... if I don't then I get an:

Unrecognised line: Jesse Vincent <joedoe at domain.com> at /usr/lib/rt/RT/EmailParser.pm line 406

I've gone deep until Mail::Address code itself and the parameter value 
seems to be correct all the way. I test the perl code inside a script and 
it runs ok. 

I'm running out of ideas... can someone give me some light...

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