[Rt-devel] Little PATCH in Ticket/Elements/EditCustomField

Marc Boix mboix at cesca.es
Thu Apr 29 08:14:12 EDT 2004

Hello guys,

I've changed the _RTIR_ custom fields availables in Initial data and
currently I've a 'FreeformMultiple' from the instalation.

When I try to Create a ticket in Incidents Queue and I don't set Function
field, the page is reloaded and an error is showed "Incident creation
failed: Function must be set." (all right) but the 'FreeformMultiple' field
isn't reloaded correctly.
The made HTML code is:
    <td class="label">Title of My Custom Field:</td>
    <td class="value">
      <input type=hidden name=MyCustomField value=CustomField-15-Values>

<input type="hidden" name="CustomField-15-Values-Magic" value="1">
<textarea cols= rows=1 name="CustomField-15-Values"></textarea>

With my change (at the end of mail) the problem is solved but I don't know
if this change implies some other things not wanted. (I'm using RT 3.0.8 and
RTIR 1.0.4, but the EditCustomField isn't changed in current version 3.0.10
of RT.)

The little patch (Jesse, this one with the standard diff ;)):
/opt/rt3/share/html/Ticket/Elements# diff -u EditCustomField

--- EditCustomField     Fri Jan  2 23:55:56 2004
+++ EditCustomField.new Thu Apr 29 13:49:40 2004
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@
 %                 $content .= $value->Content;
 %           }
 % } elsif ($Default) {
-          value="<%$Default ? $Default : ''%>"
+%          $content = $Default;
 %  }
 <input type="hidden"
name="<%$NamePrefix%><%$CustomField->Id%>-Values-Magic" value="1">
 <textarea cols=<%$Cols%> rows=<%$Rows%>

Waiting for your feedback,


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