[Rt-devel] road map for RT/FM? proposal and offer

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Sun Aug 15 21:16:23 EDT 2004

Dirk, we've recently been doing work on tfm 2.1 which will become 2.2 once it gets more testing. We've put some effort into different styling and branding for different classes of articles, as well as a master topic hierachy with multiple classifications per article. Additionally, we've done work to present a sane interface for end users. 2.1 is currently in subversion and we haven't yet backported all features from the customer work it's based on, but we hope to do that soon.  I'd love to see your contributions too.

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    Subject: [Rt-devel] road map for RT/FM? proposal and offer
    is there a road map for the development of RT/FM?
    I want to use RT/FM here in a more advanced manner than it allows today. I 
    may be able to spend some private time in developing/contributing to new 
    features among those below but want to coordinate with others.
    features we like to use/started to work on:
    noAuth and selfservice interface for RT/FM (some work done)
    differentiate between types of article classes in in respect of navigation, 
    display and editing possibilities. classes may be
    	hierarchical faq-lists (mainly done)
    	wikis (started)
    	knowledge bases
    	stock answers
    presentation of a table of contents for initial entry to information 
    support requesting article changes by users that may not edit articles 
    themselves (using RT to track this requests)
    can anybody help me with information or contact to the other RT/FM 
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