[Rt-devel] Syslog and Windows

Mayrhofer Arno ama80 arno.mayrhofer at inet-logistics.com
Fri Aug 20 04:33:03 EDT 2004


I'm just setting up RT for a W2K server with Oracle DB. It runs very fine
now, I did all the install stuff with a huge bunch of problems but finally
it works... nearly

I get an error, that he wants sys::syslog installed. The problem is that
Syslog is a Unix only module and not available for Windows. So is there a
workaround or anything I can do to get it working?

I have a running Unix system with syslog installed, so I'd be able to copy
some files from the Linux machine to the Windows comp.

If anyone is a bit confused about why I'm running a Unix machine and want to
install a Win machine, it's just because the company I'm working for has no
specialists for Linux and I'm just here for a few weeks, so they need a Win

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards
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