[Rt-devel] rt-3.2.2: bug in Ticketlist row and a (somewhat guessed) patch

Dirk Pape pape-rt at inf.fu-berlin.de
Wed Dec 8 03:33:53 EST 2004

this is a guessed patch for an error we saw here.
To reproduce the error go to RTs start page and choose German as your 
display language (can you reproduce it at your site???).
The MyRequests Ticketlist becomes garbage (all table rows in one row).
This is because loc('Take') translates to "Übernehmen" with Ü
encoded as an utf8 character (see de.po), This loc('Take') is inserted
into the Format string for the Ticketlist row and is not displayed correctly
resulting in html code which can not be rendered correctly.

the patch is for CollectionAsTable/Row and disables utf8-decoding for an 
output string without placeholder.

The patch fixes the bug here, but I am not sure if it is correct. I don't 
know since when this line is in CollectionAsTable/Row, but we saw the bug 
only since yesterday, although I am sure we did not change anything related 
to this between the last two apache restarts.



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