[Rt-devel] suppressing in-line display of "true" attachments

Kevin Murphy murphy at genome.chop.edu
Thu Dec 16 17:28:16 EST 2004

Our users tend to attach large text files with bioinformatics data in 
them (tab-delimited ascii format, for example).

Needless to say, this clutters up the tickets and makes them very 
painful to read.

I was hoping that $RT::MaxInlineBody would do it for me in RT3.2.3rc1, 
but that variable controls the display of any and all message 
components, not just file attachments.

I have made a change to  
html/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments to get the behavior 
that we want, and I was wondering if anybody has any comments about it.

I just added the requirement that any displayed "attachments" (in the 
RT as opposed to real-world parlance) not have a filename:

$ diff --context share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments \

*** share/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments       Mon Nov 
22 13:39:35 2004
--- local/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransactionAttachments       Thu Dec 
16 17:13:20 2004
*** 95,100 ****
--- 95,101 ----

       # If it's text
       if (   $message->ContentType =~ m{^(text|message)}i
+       && !$message->Filename
           && $size <= $RT::MaxInlineBody )

To my mind, there should be some official RT way of controlling the 
display of "true" attachments, e.g. file attachments.  If people wanted 
to see them in-line, they would have put them in the comment and reply 
bodies, no?  Data that is conceptually out-of-band and intended to be 
available for optional reference should remain that way, I would think. 
  However, the fact that RT doesn't do this makes me think that most 
other people use RT differently than we do.

Kevin Murphy

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