[Rt-devel] Spreadsheet download - fixed columns

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Tue Dec 21 14:53:48 EST 2004


	So, the originial intent of the "Spreadsheet" link was to allow
administrative staff to download a ticket listing for reporting
purposes. As such, it was supposed to contain _all_ columns, including
all custom fields. (This was a specific customer requirement for the
sponsor of the work)  I wouldn't object to having an additional link to
download only the columns displayed in the displayed format if people
would find it useful.
> [One thing I found in digging around this subject, is that Results.html & 
> Results.tsv use different mechanisms for retrieving data - and that the 
> Results.html data retrieval piece has html code embedded. It would be good 
> if all of the search-processing pieces could use a common data-retrieval 
> component that would be independent of presentation method. The 
> Results.html data retrieval seems to be the most flexible, and is what I 
> used to do my own .tsv page - but this would involve removing html 
> knowledge from the data retrieval]

The current Results.html page uses newer infrastructure than
Results.tsv, though that's largely because it was felt that they did
different enough things. The page that _really_ wants a do-over using
the new infrastructure is the Bulk update page.

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