[rt-devel] removing "dead" users again...

Robert Westendorp rjwsys at uniserve.com
Thu Jan 15 12:24:32 EST 2004

I'm wondering about this too ... any way to do it?
We've got 113095 users listed in the Users table... be nice to preen some
orphaned ones out.

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> greetings,
> i know this topic has been here a few times, but unfortunately i have
> not seen it resolved:
> when using RT for collecting requests from many sources (like when
> catching abuse reports), the users table grows very large and
> performance is becoming very low.
> although there is a way to remove tickets with status "deleted"
> physically from the database, there is no way to remove users who are
> not referenced by any ticket.
> maybe somebody who happens to be perl/db programmer (not a luser like
> me), could write a few lines of code to do this simple task.
> any comments appreciated.
> cheers,
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