[rt-devel] four classes for one database table?

Tina Schade tina.schade at gmx.de
Tue Jan 27 03:36:45 EST 2004


Can someone explain me, please, your concept for implementing the rt-tool?
I don´t understand why you have 4 modules for one database-table. For example:
- for the table users exists the modules "User.pm", "User_Overlay.pm", 
"Users.pm" and "Users_Overlay.pm"

Okay, maybe, not all modules are for the table users....
I understand that I can overwrite the Overlay-modules or put new functions on 
But why do you seperate between singular and plural? Sometimes it is 
documented in the plural-modules that this is a collection of the 
singular-module. Also Tickets.pm are a collection of rt-Tickets - thats 
logical. 5 seperate Ticket-objects I can put together to a Tickets-Objekt. 
That I need, when I will merge two or more Tickets together.
But why I need this with Queues, Transactions or Users?

What are the seperate Modules for? I can use them, but I don´t know how to use 
them correctly, optimal and clever.

It would be nice, if someone have the time to write me back and explain it to 


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