[Rt-devel] mails to empty list, 3.2

Hans K hk at circlestorm.org
Fri Jul 2 04:31:58 EDT 2004

> > > > I looked at the headers of the emails that bounced.  The To:
header is
> > > > botched -
> > > What about that is botched?
> > They aren't valid email address... username at host, for instance.
> I may have stated that incorrectly.
> Nonetheless, I have bouncing emails and I don't know how to track this
> (and it's late, or getting there).

I'm seeing the same thing..  But I think this is because of the default
scrips, but so far I have not dared to begin to remove any of them to
test it out.

RT logs having sent to Owner, OtherRecipients and AdminCc on every
correspondence. But Only the Requestor is supposed to get it, as the
one who own it shouldn't get it (I seem to remember setting it to not
sending email to the one who did the correspondance..), and correctly
doesn't get it. It's just strange that it logs that it has been sent..


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