[Rt-devel] Performance

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Thu Jul 8 12:45:46 EDT 2004

I apologize for the redundancy of this message, but I cannot seem to 
locate the thread that I saw this in..

I remember reading something a few weeks back about performance 
improvements with RT3.2.0 using embedded perl, but, with all that was 
going on in RL, I cannot remember much about it.  Now that RL has calmed 
down and I have time to address this again, I was hoping to try to 
increase the performance on our RT installations.

Currently we use mod_fastcgi with RT3.2.0 and things work well.. but, 
and my memory may be mush, I thought the previous poster mentioned a big 
performance gain by utilizing "embedded perl"..

And help would be great!

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