[Rt-devel] [Rt-announce] RT 3.2.1 now available

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Thu Jul 15 16:28:42 EDT 2004

I'm pleased to announce the release of RT 3.2.1. This is the first patch
release after the initial release of RT 3.2. As such, it's got a rather
heavy changelog for a point release. The 80 lines of updates below
represent two weeks of stabilization work by me, Autrijus Tang, Linda
Julien, Hubert Hwang and Alex Vandiver. This release fixes a number of
bugs and provides a number of small improvements suggested by members of
the RT community. We really appreciate how much all of you have helped 
make the release of RT 3.2 so smooth.

RT 3.2.1 is immediately available from:

    			adf0c77827c8f84829bb44e28752a1d8 rt-3.2.1.tar.gz
		        639c85ea0da443d98bc78d0ee0a4090f rt-3.2.1.tar.gz.sig

Jesse Vincent
Best Practical



 * By default, use verbose mode for reporting missing modules.
 * Added a note about the fact that you'll be happier if you blow away
   your old RT instance.
 * Explicitly require InnoDB if using MySQL (#5799)
 * RT now advises users about how to set the DBA and DBA Password when
   upgrading (#5815)
 * rt-test-dependencies now only tells you which modules are not
   present or up-to-date, unless you specify the -v (--verbose) flag on
   the command line. (#5690)

Web user interface
 * Updated RT::Interface::Web to make bulk removals of watchers work.
 * Offline ticket creation from delimited textfiles signficantly improved
 * Better listings of tickets with a subject of "0"
 * Fixed outgoing content-type of results.rdf, so RT renders it with
    mod_perl (#5838)
 * Removed TicketRow (a vestigal file from RT 3.0)
 * Put $RT::WebPath into QuickSearch URLs. (From bobg at uic.edu) (#5808)
 * Explicit 'Bookmark this search' functionality has been added back to RT 3.2
 * Look to form parameters for over-riding defaults on drop-downs (#5777)
 * Quick ticket creation:  Don't provide a bogus null queue, or default
   to the (nonexistant) "Todo" queue. (#5799)

Query Builder:

 * AND/OR radio buttons in  were sometimes non-functional (#5881)
 * Fix formatting of Basics and CFs 
 * Interim measure to only list sortable fields in the "Sort display by"
   options. (#5891)
 * Query Builder: Workaround for Mozilla 1.7 and Firefix 0.9.1 rendering
   bug (#5821)
 * New clauses are now on the top level by default, so blank lines
   won't appear unless you move something down a level on purpose (in
   which case, they're needed).
 * Toggling AND/OR now works correctly at all levels. (#5814)


 * Implement singular-attribute APIs: FirstAttribute, DeleteAttribute
   and SetAttribute.
 * Attributes->DeleteEntry can now unconditionally delete all attributes
   with the matching name.
 * Fixups to Attributes to work with lack of access, rather than just
   falling over.
 * Skip links whose base or target is local and the endpoint is a
   deleted ticket (#5822)
 * Typo fix in comment in RT::Action::SendMail
 * Refactored all web handler creation and initialization logic away from
   RT::Interface::Web, webmux and mason_handle scripts, into a new module
 * Let the cf param in Ticket->CustomFieldValues be optional.
 * Updated Record::Update to be smarter about altering foriegn key rows,
   like 'Queue'

Email sending: 

 * Fix error of "No recipients" if FriendlyToLine is set, but all
   recipients are masked


 * de.po grammar fix, patch from pape-rt at inf.fu-berlin.de applied (#5887)
 * Updated French translation from sebastien.person at easter-eggs.com  (#5822)


 * RT now stores sent messages in the database as utf-8.
 * "Negative" Ticket searches (for all tickets which don't have a
   certain custom field value) now find tickets which have _no_ custom
   field value for that ticket.
 * Custom Field searches should now work better with non-ascii
   custom field names. (Needs user verification)
 * Fixed webmux.pl to not pass xml files through (xml's content-type is
   application/xml not text/xml)

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