[Rt-devel] quick ticket creation, default queue - 3.2.1

matthew zeier mrz at intelenet.net
Fri Jul 16 15:18:32 EDT 2004

I have two similiarly configured rt 3.2.1 instances (one is a hot standby
for the other).  On "help1", the default queue for quick creation is "-" and
on "help2" it's the first queue in alpha order.

RT_SiteConfig is identical and all of local/html is the same (I rsync'd it).
help1 is FreeBSD 4.9, help2 is Red Hat 8.  Both are running perl 5.8.4.

On the FreeBSD box, the html is rendered as:

<font size="-2">Queue:<br><SELECT NAME ="Queue">
<OPTION VALUE="30" >Alvaka Support
<OPTION VALUE="28" >Change Mangement

On the Red Hat 8 box, it's rendered as:

<font size="-2">Queue:<br><SELECT NAME ="Queue">
<OPTION VALUE="30" 0>Alvaka Support
<OPTION VALUE="28" 0>Change Mangement

Somehow there's an empty "0" tossed in there.

Any clues?

matthew zeier - "Curiosity is a willing, a proud, an eager confession
of ignorance." - Leonard Rubenstein

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