[Rt-devel] RT 3.2.1 CHANGELOG

Odhiambo Washington wash at wananchi.com
Tue Jul 20 08:43:40 EDT 2004

In the announcement for rt-3.2.1 the change log had the following

<cut 1>



 * By default, use verbose mode for reporting missing modules.
 * Added a note about the fact that you'll be happier if you blow away
   your old RT instance.
 * Explicitly require InnoDB if using MySQL (#5799)
 * RT now advises users about how to set the DBA and DBA Password when
   upgrading (#5815)
 * rt-test-dependencies now only tells you which modules are not
   present or up-to-date, unless you specify the -v (--verbose) flag on
   the command line. (#5690)
</cut 1>

Could someone more knowledgeable with RT comment/elaborate on item #2
above for me?

Secondly, there were also the following items:

<cut 2>
 * RT now stores sent messages in the database as utf-8.
 * "Negative" Ticket searches (for all tickets which don't have a
   certain custom field value) now find tickets which have _no_ custom
   field value for that ticket.
 * Custom Field searches should now work better with non-ascii
   custom field names. (Needs user verification)
 * Fixed webmux.pl to not pass xml files through (xml's content-type is
   application/xml not text/xml)

</cut 2>

Item 1 under "Internals" says that RT now stores sent messages in the db
in utf-8 format. My question is, how does it store received messages?

Thank you.

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