[Rt-devel] RTFM: sort order of custom fields?

Ulrike Lindemann Ulrike.Lindemann at desy.de
Tue Jun 1 08:30:06 EDT 2004

I posted this message to the rt-users list, but no reply. As there is an 
undocumented field, I try it here once again.

I've a problem concerning the order of the custom fields in RTFM.
We're running RT 3.0.10, RTFM 2.0.3 as Debian packages.

Is there a possibility to determine the order in which the custom fields
appear, if you create/show an article?

When editing the custom fields of a class, there is a text box
next to each CF, which isn't documented.
Can you determine the order with this box? I tried some entries, but no 

Any hints?
Thanks, Ulrike
Ulrike Lindemann, Ulrike.Lindemann#desy.de
DESY IT, Benutzerservice
Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg
Tel: +49-40-8998-2549
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