[Rt-devel] Making custom field search more precise?

Eemeli Kantola eemeli.kantola at ficora.fi
Mon Jun 21 05:44:11 EDT 2004


Using RT 3.0.11. I've studied a bit the possibility to add SQL 'BETWEEN' to the
list of custom field limit operators. But I could not find out how the program
could be modified, with a reasonable amount of work, to support other than
binary operators.

It would be fine if the custom field search criteria could be specified more
precisely using _both_ AND and OR at the same time instead of only one of them.
That is, the trick discussed previously in
http://marc.free.net.ph/message/20030501.111353.a126e19a.html to make all of the
custom field search criteria ANDed is not enough. For example, it would be fine
if one could make a search like "(cf > x AND cf < y) OR cf = z".

Of course, the above would be unnecessary if BETWEEN could be used (ie. "(cf
BETWEEN x AND y) OR cf = z"), but implementing that seems quite nontrivial.

So, has anyone thought about this before? Does someone have suggestions how this
could be sensibly done? I could possibly modify RT myself, but it would be nice
to have some hints about this first.

Eemeli Kantola
Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority

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