[Rt-devel] RT 3.2.0 Release Candidate 1 now available

Jesse jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Jun 21 15:54:00 EDT 2004

I'm pleased to announce the first release candidate of RT 3.2.0. 
Here at Best Practical, we've been running RT 3.1 in production for the
last several months and are excited to be able to make it available to 
all of you.  Please download this release candidate and give it a spin. 
We'd love to hear about any issues you have that appear to be
"regressions" relative to RT 3.0.11. 

RT 3.2.0rc1 is immediately available from:

		fbeea936b9682f63cc615c5b118580c7  rt-3.2.0rc1.tar.gz
		1e81e8203fa2baac5a8cfb54fa0625b2  rt-3.2.0rc1.tar.gz.sig

Below are a draft of the "highlevel" release notes for RT 3.2.0. They're
not yet complete, but it's my birthday, so I'm going to take the rest of
the afternoon off.


I'm pleased to announce the first release candidate of RT 3.2.0.  RT 3.2 represents over 15 months of new development and includes a number of new features and improvements:

Email handling

    * Preview of who will recieve email about new ticket updates
    * The ability to disable notification to individual users on a per-ticket
    * A full historical view of each message RT sends including all message
    * Inline Display of HTML email and attached image files 

    * A brand-new search user interface, retooled to make it easier to build
      much more complex queries
    * Now you can save searches and optionally to share them with groups
      of your coworkers
    * Search results can be displayed in a per-query customizable format.
    * Search results are now downloadable as tab-delimited data, perfect for
      importing into excel
    * Search results can now be syndicated as RSS feeds
    * Search results can be downloaded in a simple text format, modified 
      and reuploaded later

Web interface
    * The homepage has been overhauled to provide a "quick ticket creation"
      form and a list of the newest unowned tickets 

    * Every 'box' in RT can now be opened or closed on the fly


    * Support for single-user installations on the SQLite engine instead
      of a full database server

Web server

    * Support for single-user installations with a standalone http server 
      instead of an external webserver like Apache


    * All sorts of stuff to document before 3.2

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