[Rt-devel] Is it possible to merge RT with another website?

Christopher Snell chris-lists at blueaspen.com
Fri Jun 25 12:08:10 EDT 2004

Wilson Abigaba wrote:

> My thinking is that on the RT left menu bar, there should be a link to the
> call detail reports page, and during the display of the CDR(call detail
> report), the RT headers, left menu and footers should be mantained.
> Any ideas?

Integration of RT with an existing app is entirely possible and not very 
hard at all if you have a moderate amount of Perl experience.  We 
integrated RT with our custom order management app.  When our customer 
service reps view a ticket, the Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary component 
calls our custom component to display the customer's order history in a 
box within the ticket view.  We had already written Perl modules to 
interface with our homegrown order management software (also written in 
Mason), so it was trivial to write a component that pulls data from this.

If I ever get around to moving us to the Asterisk PBX, I plan on writing 
a component that shows the customer's call history, as well.

Chris Snell

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