[Rt-devel] RTFM Installation Issues

Rajagopal Srirangam arch_and at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 17 15:09:58 EST 2004


I am having trouble running RTFM at work .I have RT and
RTIR installed and running successfully on our system
. I tried installing RTFM several times and I am
getting this  error again and again . Here is the error I am getting

error:   	Can't locate object method "new" via package
"RT::FM::ArticleCollection" (perhaps you forgot to
load "RT::FM::ArticleCollection"?) at
line 60.
56:  	<%INIT>
57:  	my $rows = 10;
58:  	my $i;
59:  	my $MyArticles;
60:  	$MyArticles = new RT::FM::ArticleCollection
61:  	$MyArticles->UnLimit;
62:  	$MyArticles->RowsPerPage($rows);
63:  	$MyArticles->OrderBy(FIELD => 'LastUpdated',
code stack:  
raw error

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