[Rt-devel] Labeled priority patch

Colin Henein rtdevel04 at cmh.parliant.com
Sat Nov 27 18:21:49 EST 2004

Greetings Rt-Developer types:

I've recently brought Eric Berggren's old RT2 patch for labelled
priority values forward into RT3. 

This patch is particularly helpful where RT is used by non-technical
people, but priorities still want to be used. (It is better than just
making custom keywords to be used as priorities because all the other
priority features still work). 

We rely on this here, and whenever a version of RT comes out I
wish this was part of it, rather than being a patch I have to tweak.

Is there any possibility that the patch could be included in RT
itself? It is currently controlled through the config file.

Patch and instructions at: http://www.parliant.com/~cmh/rt/


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