Kelly F. Hickel kfh at mqsoftware.com
Thu Oct 7 08:28:46 EDT 2004

Jesse, overall I like it better (using IE on XP with all fixes), but I
noticed that no matter how big the browser window is, the data is always
wider than the window.  With a full screen IE window on a 1400x1050
display, I still have both scroll bars and have to scroll to the right
to see all the data. 

Kelly F. Hickel
Senior Software Architect
MQSoftware, Inc
kfh at mqsoftware.com

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> Subject: [Rt-devel] RT CSS Overhaul (ATTENTION W3M AND IE USERS)
> A couple days ago, Oliver Thomas at MIT sent me a couple of patches to
> RT 3.3's menuing system to move the CSS styles out of the html and
> a style sheet where they belonged. This got me poking at RT's layout
> engine again. I've spent the past 12 hours overhauling RT 3.3's layout
> engine to be almost completely driven by cascading stylesheets,
> of the table-based box model we used to use.
> I've set up rt3.fsck.com (login as guest with a password of guest) as
> demo of the new CSS layout.  It's not 100% done yet, but at this
> I think it may be at least as good as the old layout.
> I'd like to hear back from folks who aren't using Gecko or kHTML based
> browsers about the usability of the new layout, compared to the old
> layout.
> Jesse
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