[Rt-devel] Storing of attachments.

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Oct 25 18:09:25 EDT 2004

> What I'm looking for is a way to store these on disc outside of the 
> database itself.
> Advantages:
> 1.  Database doesn't grow as quickly.
> 2.  Attachments on disc can be purged more simply.

That could be taken care of with a tool

> Disadvantages:
> 1.  Attachments aren't (easily) searchable.

* Backups are harder
* Redundancy is harder
* Every frontend RT server needs to talk to a common filesystem
* RT needs to read and write to the filesystem

> Some care needs to be taken as to how they are stored on disc, which a DB 
> would do for you.
> Implementationwise, I can see adding various attachment 'types' (possibly 
> by introducting pseudo-mime types) for an attachment on disc, an 
> attachment which has been dropped/deleted.  Possibly more.   I can also 
> see allowing for attachments to be deleted via the gui.  This would be 
> useful for the more unpleasant forms of spam which pass through our spam 
> filters - really don't want that sort of thing clogging up our DB!
> Has anyone looked down this sort of line of development before?  And if 
> not, any comments before I do so myself?
> Thanks.
> John
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