[Rt-devel] Requestors on email creation

Ramon Kagan rkagan at yorku.ca
Wed Oct 27 12:03:44 EDT 2004


Running RT 3.2.1 on Debian Linux

I have the Global ACL's for Everyone set to CreateTicket and

I am using the ExtractCustomFieldValues to populate my custom fields and
that works fine.

My problem is that the Requestor field is always filled with the
requesting email (which is right) AND root at localhost (which I don't want).
I have another RT setup that uses RTIR and the ExtractCustomFieldValues
modules and this never happens.  With the Autoreply scrip turned on, I'm
going to get inundated with auto-replies if I can't get this cleared up.

Any suggestions?

Ramon Kagan
York University, Computing and Network Services
Information Security  -  Senior Information Security Analyst
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rkagan at yorku.ca

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